Includes a rich programme of tours, walks and excursions. There is an afternoon ‘Miniclub’, babydance and evening shows.
Below you can see an example of a typical summer programme:

SUNDAY:  Coffee and biscuits offered by the staff in the ‘Piazetta Lores’. A brisk walk in the surrounding woods, to fill your lungs with oxygen and a vist to ‘Madonnina delle Cime’
LUNCH: Homemade spaghetti and lots of Folk music.
In the afternoon a visit to Madonna di Campiglio the ‘PEARL’ of the Dolomites.

MONDAY: Excursion to Val di Non and Lago Smeraldo and a wonderful walk in the Canyon Rio Sass.
Walk between caves and waterfalls under the lake, by way of walkways.

TUESDAY: A guided tour of the Stelvio National Park.
A stop at ‘MONDO LEGNO’ and Puffo.  A visit to the museum of the First World War, to the Fontanino di Pejo where it is possible to taste the natural mineral water from the mountains, the Faunistic area and finally an open air bar-.b-que accompanied by local music.
An after lunch walk to ‘Lago Pian Palù’- in the valley of the marmots.

WEDNESDAY: Sports day.
A choice between rafting, horse-riding, archery, cycling or Nordic walking.
In the afternoon either an adventure park or a visit tyo Val di Rabbi and the ‘Saent Waterfalls’.

THURSDAY: A bus tour to Innsbruck.
Here you can see first hand the home of Princess Sissi, the round square the cathedral of ‘San Giacomo’, the house with the golden roof and the Swarowski shops.

FRIDAY: An excursion in the Dolomites with a visit to Lago Ritorto and the teaching farm.
This is an example of the Summer entertainment and could be subject to change. Entrance to the museums, parking and meals are not included.


During the winter season there is no similar programme as in the summer. The ‘CARD ENTERTAINMENT’ is substituted with ‘CARD SERVICES’.


·       Our staff will accompany you to your apartment and there will e glass of mulled wine to welcome you
·       An evening get together with the staff based on the clientele, with music, karaoke,etc, at Dai Angioi restaurant.
·       ‘Apres-ski’ every afternoon at Dai Angioi.
·       Discount on the a la carte menu at the restaurant.
·       Discounts at the restaurant by arrangement (Half board etc)
·       Vouchers available for a minimum of 3 lunches (starter, chips) 5 euros.
·       Friday evening party in the disco (Dai Angioi).
·       Free Wi Fi at the restaurant (no consumption necessary)

Sky TV at the restaurant (Football matches) with consumption necessary.

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